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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning Singapore

An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system.

Maintenance checklist

Chemical Cleaning Service for Aircon includes:
- Check fancoil and compressor conditions
- Dismantle the whole fancoils and separate into different parts
- Apply chemical solutions and wash with water to clear clogs
- Assemble and install parts back to the fancoils original position
- Test fancoils and compressors
- Top up new gas for the compressor

The Benefits of Chemical Cleaning:
- Prevent water leaking
- Improve cooling performance
- Cleaner air to breathe in
- Prolong lifespan of the air conditioner unit
- Save overall cost on repair works and parts repair replacement

Chemical Cleaning Prices

Half Overhaul $70/unit (FREE Chemical Flushing for Drainage Pipe WORTH $15 Each FCU)

Half Overhaul for Cassette unit $150/unit > to wash water tray and water pump

Chemical Overhaul Price (FREE Chemical Flushing and 1x $5 NTUC Voucher For Each Unit CO) (FREE Gas TOP UP )


UnitTotal PricePer Unit Price
1 $135$135
2 $250$125
3 $345$115
4 $460$115

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