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When the weather is hot, your aircon is a necessity —but what happens if it is not working as effectively as it could? Did you encounter any of these problems? - Aircon unit blows warm/hot air - Frost/Ice inside the Aircon unit - Condenser fan not working - Uneven cooling - Turning on and off automatically - Condensation If any of these happened to you, you will need our specialized expertise. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and arrange a troubleshooting appointment for you. Troubleshooting fee will be $50-$80 nett only. If you engaged any kind of servicing or parts replacement on the affected aircon unit, this fee will be refunded back to you. Once our professionals reach your house, not only they will diagnose the problem, they will also educate and helps you understand your aircon issues and provide solutions. Don’t let aircon problems make your home uncomfortable.

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