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Aircon Servicing Singapore

from $18 only (no hidden charges + quality workmanship)

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Are you looking for the cheapest aircon servicing in Singapore (SG)? Well, the cheapest aircon service MAY NOT always be the best move.

That is why we place emphasis on value for money. Our team in Singapore (SG) is dedicated to providing the best possible service at a competitive price point, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of both worlds — quality, and affordability. It is also why, before we begin any work, we will conduct a thorough inspection and inform you of the cost and scope of our services.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems:

  • The aircon is not cold/cool enough
  • The aircon is dripping water
  • The aircon is leaking water
  • Unpleasant smell coming out from the aircon

It is time to service your aircon. To do that, you need a service provider you can trust. Here at Affordable Aircon Services in Singapore, we offer not only Ad-Hoc aircon servicing packages but also annual aircon servicing promotion packages and Chemical Overhaul Cleaning. With quality aircon maintenance from us, you can have peace of mind that your aircon is always operating at peak performance.

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Aircon Repair                   

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Do you encounter any of these problems?

  • Aircon unit blows warm / hot air
  • Frost / Ice inside the aircon unit
  • Condenser fan not working
  • Uneven cooling
  • Turning on and off automatically
  • Condensation

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a malfunctioning aircon in Singapore where extreme heat combined with the island’s high humidity. That’s why we are dedicated to providing fast, reliable aircon repairs from the experienced technicians. Our expert technicians have the knowledge, tools, and experience they need to have your aircon operate effectively.

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Chemical Overhaul Service Price List

UnitTotal PricePer Unit Price
1 $150 $120 ($30 off)
$150 $120
2 $300 $198($102 off)
$150 $99
3 $450 $297($153 off)
$150 $99
4 $600 $396($204 off)
$150 $99

Ad-Hoc General Service Price List

UnitTotal PricePer Unit Cost
1 $50$50
2 $60 $30
3 $75 $70  (6% off)$25 $23.33
4 $80 $20
5 $100 $90  (10% off)$20 $18
6 $120 $100(16% off)$20  $16.67
7 $140 $110(21% off)$20 $15.71
8$160 $120(25% off)$20 $15
9$180 $130(27% off)$20 $14.44
10$200 $140(30% off)$20 $14

Annual Contract (1 year 4 times) General Service

UnitTotal PricePer Unit Cost
3$264  $240  (10% off)
$22  $20
4$288  $280  (3% off)$18  $17.50
5$360  $320  (12% off)$18  $16
6$432  $360  (17% off)$18  $15
7$504  $400  (21% off)$18  $14.30
8$576  $440  (23% off)$18  $13.75
9$648  $480  (26% off)$18  $13.30
10$720  $520  (27% off)$18  $13

*$99 Chemical Overhaul servicing (Limited time only)
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Aircon Installation Singapore

Choosing and buying an aircon system can be a challenge, especially when you’re getting a new key. We understand that these are some of the questions to which you will require the answers of an aircon expert.

  • Which aircon brand is the best and the most recommended in Singapore? Mitsubishi Starmex, Daikin Smile Series, Panasonic?
  • Are they energy saving? Are they inverter type?
  • Which brand is the cheapest?
  • Which system should I get? Single-split system or multi-split?
  • How much will cost? Does it come with installation and delivery?
  • Do I need a bracket?
  • What materials are we using?
  • Is there any promotion going on?
  • What size or which BTU do I need?
  • Where is the best place to install my new aircon?
  • How long will the Aircon Installation take?
  • Is the installation work guaranteed?

And so on… Be rest assured; our friendly staff are more than happy to answer these questions one by one. On top of providing affordable aircon servicing prices, our team of specialists are prepared to do quality aircon installation for any residential, industrial, commercial, or retail needs.

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System Mitsubishi Starmex 5 TicksDaikin iSmile T Series 5 TicksPanasonic 5 Ticks

Why Choose Affordable Aircon Services

Because we providing affordable pricing with satisfying results!

Check out our testimonials below

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Did you know that a dirty and clogged aircon can increase electricity consumption by 5% to 15%? You don’t realise how much it makes a difference until you look at your energy bill. By scheduling routine maintenance with Affordable Aircon Services, not only will your system run more efficiently, but it can also help you save money in the long run.

If you are looking for an excellent air con servicing in Singapore, we offer a wide array of air con servicing and air con cleaning. You can always ask for our help or consult our professionals to help you with aircon installation, maintenance and care, aircon evaluation, troubleshooting, aircon repairs, gas top-up, aircon part replacement, contract maintenance, and aircon cleaning services. Simply contact us, and you can have it all.

Since our establishment, we have grown into a strong team dedicated to providing great customer experience for all types of aircon needs. We are the most dependable, reliable, and highly recommended affordable aircon service provider in Singapore. Our prices are not only affordable and transparent, but our technicians are also professionally trained to deliver top-notch service and leave no mess behind. See what our happy customers have to say about us!

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‎Coco Hiu‎


Thank you Affordable Aircon Services for being very responsive in solving our aircon issue! 🤗 We are very impressed with the chemical overhaul service, and will definitely recommend your service to our love ones.

‎Sandy Lim


Three Indian men very good service, all my Aircon is so clean! Thanks for theirs good service.

‎Lucus Peh‎


Hi!! I am a new customer!! I am really impressed by the excellent service!! Ur guys( Rajan and Moorthy) is very professional and advise me what needed to be done and not spend extra unnecessary 👍👍👍 definitely will engage ur service again and recommend to my family and friends!!!

‎Jansen Chua‎


After changing around 4 different repair man since the past 6 months, my family finally have cool air to sleep in again tonight.
The last few repair man even suggested I change my aircon as the fan coil is old and choke. I was hesitating as I might move house in a couple of months.
Until I came across Affordable Aircon Services Facebook advertisement I decided to give them a try.
The results where more than impressive. Your chinese speaking Indian staff Ah Heng and his team was very detail from cleaning to inspecting my unit. Totally blew my mind away when cold air started blowing out after they are done.
Highly recommended aircon servicing! Simply outstanding team!